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Glenfiddich Redesigned

Glenfiddich Redesigned

Glenfiddich redesigned bottle and packaging is finally here in China and we might actually have the exclusive on this.

The Speyside distillery’s 12- and 15-year-old whiskies will be renamed ‘Our Original Twelve’ and ‘Our Solera Fifteen’, in what brand owner William Grant & Sons said is a nod to its original expression, and ‘innovative’ solera process.

The range has also been given a new look with a more prominent age statement and chiselled ‘V’ on the bottle, said to reflect Speyside’s ‘Valley of the Deer’.

The Scotch producer claimed its new bottle design for Glenfiddich ‘creates standout’, and will ‘appeal to current drinkers as well as entice those around the world who are new to the brand and category’.

Claudia Falcone, Glenfiddich global brand director, said: ‘We wanted to emphasise Glenfiddich’s special provenance and unique heritage with this Glenfiddich Redesigned stylish new design, drawing cues from the special place where our liquid is produced.’

Glenfiddich’s new bottles were introduced to the UK and US from June 2019, with the new-look ‘Small Batch 18 Year Old’ released in 2020.

The whisky inside the bottle will stay the same, only the names and packaging are changing.

Here Design

Based in London, UK, Here Design has been working with Glenfiddich (as well as Balvenie, Grants Scotch, Hendricks and Bacardi) for a number of years to create some interesting designs for packaging and labelling.  They were the perfect partner for the Glenfiddich Redesigned project.

For a storied single malt scotch brand like Glenfiddich, refreshing the brand’s look while maintaining the values and conveying the heritage and quality of their spirit is nothing short of imperative.

The redesigned bottles and labels add contemporary details that reinforce the maverick spirit, placing the stag logo prominently on the bottle and secondary packaging, using gold foil to create an instantly recognizable symbol for the single malt brand. A traditional red tab on the neck features the age of the spirit and repeats the use of the stag logo, creating a unifying element across the 12 and 15-year scotches.

The age is also printed on its own layer using micro-embossing to tell the spirit’s story elegantly. The line gets unified further with the sharp V shoulder cut deep into the triangular bottle, one that also represents Speyside valley, otherwise known as the Valley of the Deer, a fact noted below the V-shoulder.

The 12-year scotch, renamed “Our Original Twelve,” uses a green palette to conjure the Scottish landscape, while the 15 year, now named “Our Solera Fifteen” uses a clear bottle to highlight the spirit’s naturally warm and spicy tone, complemented by warm purple hues, representing Scotland’s heather fields.

“Our approach returned to the premise of the Single Malt category – provenance. For us, this is symbolized by the ‘Valley of the Deer’ where the distillery was established in 1886. But Glenfiddich’s maverick spirit demanded that we go elsewhere, a behaviour symbolized by the stag icon. On a design level, our valley structural equity establishes a consistent and ownable thread to unify the product portfolio,” says Andy Giddings, Design Associate of Here Design.

No doubt some of you will want to get your paws on these beauties as quickly as possible, so it should come as no surprise that we have them both ready to sell.  If you’re after a Glenfiddich 12, then CLICK HERE.  If you prefer a Glenfiddich 15, then CLICK HERE.

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