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Jim Beam Single Barrel

Our prices change literally on a daily basis, which is why we no longer list prices on our site.  The best thing to do is to extract this QR code and contact us direct for today’s prices.

SKU: 2020HDMA20128 Category: ABV: 47.5%Bottle Size: 750 mlBrands: Jim BeamDrink or Keep: Drinker


In Jim Beam’s Words: Jim Beam Single Barrel

“Our master distiller carefully selects each barrel by hand – less than one percent are chosen for Jim Beam Single Barrel – ensuring the better quality. No two barrels are the same, and each is individually bottled, labeled and hand-numbered.

Every bottle of Jim Beam Single Barrel bourbon represents individuality. Not only with the distinct flavor and personality of the liquid itself, but also with its hand-written bottle labels and the distillers’ wisdom that’s printed on the back.”

What do we think?

Tasting Notes

Nose:  Caramel corn, candy corn, vanilla frosting, oak, nutmeg, toffee and light bits of citrus potpourri and peanuts.

Palate:  Peanuts, corn, vanilla, oak, toffee, nutmeg and biscuity with bits of sourdough bread, citrus peels and fruit.

Finish:  Medium fade of peanut brittle, spice, oak and powdered cocoa.

Overall:  This particular barrel of Jim Beam Single Barrel is not something we’d complain about having in our glass.  If you’re a fan of Jim Beam, then this is a must have.  If you’re a serious bourbon drinker, this also has to be on your list of bottles to try this year.  It’s pretty damn exciting.

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