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Buf2 Whisky RTD’s

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Our prices change literally on a daily basis, which is why we no longer list prices on our site.  The best thing to do is to extract this QR code and contact us direct for today’s prices.




BUF2 Whisky RTDs are pretty straight forward to grasp as a concept – it’s whisky, premixed and packaged in a can.  Not the sort of thing we would normally go anywhere near with a stick – some of the more serious whisky drinkers might even see this as absolutely blasphemy, however, we’re tried them and we think they are actually really good.

There are rumours circulating that there was a Saturday in September where a number of Oak and Barley staff ploughed through a few cases of these little babies and had a rather jolly afternoon.  Those rumours will neither be confirmed nor denied, but the end result is, we’re listing these little beauties without any shame.

In all fairness to BUF2 Whisky RTDs, there is a decent amount of thought that has gone into them.  As we all know, whisky isn’t the easiest thing to mix unless you drown it in cola – in which case the underlying alcohol becomes irrelevant and it might as well be vodka.  The team behind Buf2 have actually taken the time to find the right blend of whisky that not only compliments the soft drink but also creates a good balance – there is still whisky on the palate but it’s presented as a hot afternoon friendly, long drink in a 330ml can.

There are three styles to choose from.  A zero sugar whisky and soda, an interpretation of whisky and lemonade (with the emphasis on the lemon and not the sugary style of most lemonades) and an energy drink style, again with a well executed reduction on sugar.

These are sold by the case of 12.  You can take 12 of one flavour.  6 each of 2 flavours or 4 each of three flavours.


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