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SKU: 2020HDMA19569 Category: ABV: 40%Bottle Size: 750 mlBrands: Jameson's


Currently Oak and Barley REFUSE to sell any Jameson Irish Whiskey – primarily because it seems the supporters of Pernod Ricard are claiming that we are using our recent highlight towards the abundance of dodgy product on the market as some type of weird marketing ploy.

Well, we’re not.  Our view is simple.  Pernod Ricard has pretty damn solid product protection and authentication technology and devices.  One only has to look at the closures and the technology used on their cognac products.  But, despite Jamesons being a 240-year-old legendary brand, and the fact it sells in excess of 7 million cases (of 12 bottles) each year – it’s apparently not important enough to make a few simple changes to the packaging, to make it safe for all consumers to buy.

(We continue to support our wholesale clients with this product.  We would suggest that Jamesons lovers look towards any of the other world-class Irish whiskies that are currently available – but are not subject to the same amount of counterfeit versions on the market).

Jameson is produced at the New Midleton Distillery and is Ireland’s quintessential Irish blend, a classic.  Jim Murray even awarded it an incredible 95 points!

Jameson is produced from a blend of grain whiskey and single pot still whiskey, which uses a mixture of malted and unmalted or “green” Irish barley, all sourced from within a fifty-mile radius around the distillery in Cork.  The barley is dried in a closed kiln fired by natural gas (formerly anthracite coal).  This is in contrast to the traditional method used in some Scotch whisky distilleries, which fire the kiln with peat, adding a distinctive peat flavour

Nose: A full and floral nose leads with the smooth sweetness of marmalade and fudge before a hint of Madeira and a little cut grass note emerge.

Palate: Thick and of good body with notes of orchard fruits, both fresh and cooked with a little vanilla cream.

Finish: Jameson has a medium-length with spice and honey.

Awards for Jameson

Jameson products – in particular, its 18-Year and its Rarest Reserve – have rated very highly at international spirit rating competitions. The 18-Year received a series of gold and double gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition between 2005 and 2010.  The Rarest Reserve has won gold and double gold medals there as well. Rarest Reserve is rated as one of the Top 20 whiskies in the world by Proof66

Gold – Liquid Gold Award – 2014 – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

Winner – Irish Blend of the Year – 2014 – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

Winner – Irish Blend of the Year – 2013 – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

Gold – Irish Blended – Premium – 2018 – The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

Gold – Irish Blended – Premium – 2020 – The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

Silver – Irish Blended – Standard – 2019 – The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

Silver – Irish Blended – Standard – 2017 – The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

Silver – Irish Blended – Premium – 2013 – The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

Silver – Irish Whiskey – Blended – 2014 – International Wine & Spirit Competition

Bronze – Blended Irish Whiskey – 2013 – San Francisco World Spirits Competition

What some of our whisky enthusiast friends have said about Jameson

Quote 1 “Simply the best TRUE whiskey you can buy…it’s not a bourbon or a scotch so if you like that then your probably not going to understand a true whiskey like Jameson. Simple and clean it doesn’t rely on a fistful of flavourings to get it to go down, it is smooth naturally and is best mixed only with a glass.

Every whiskey I try ends up getting compared to Jameson and they all fall short. Sure i like Kilbeggan, Wolfhound and I even adore Rebel Yell for an American whiskey with a true wild west flavour but nothing comes close to Jameson for purity and a go-to sipping whiskey.

Ya gotta hand it to the Irish when it comes to whiskeys…they really know their drink!

If you like a flavoured whiskey try the black label stout as it has a hint of dark chocolate on the tongue but in my opinion the green label caskmates IPA isn’t worth the extra cash but I don’t like beer so if you do then give it a try (to me it tastes like beer)

One thing I found out in life is that if someone trashes Jameson …they simply can’t be trusted and their opinion just doesn’t matter”

Quote 2 “I always thought I didn’t like whiskey. Turns out I just don’t like Bourbon and Scotch. Jameson is a whole different ballgame – very drinkable – neat, on the rocks, in coffee, anyway I drink it. I have never tried any other Irish Whiskey because…why mess with success??? ”

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