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Bowmore 12

4.0 (1 review)

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SKU: 2020HDMA19732 Category: ABV: 40%Bottle Size: 700mlBrands: BowmoreDrink or Keep: Drinker


Bowmore 12 is the heart of the Bowmore range, the 12-year-old exhibits some beautiful coastal notes with a gentle peat. The floral element presents has a great balance that makes this a great entry bottling for Bowmore.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Coastal smoke and ash soon make way for bergamot, orange zest, lemon slices. And some hay before becoming rather floral, heather smoke now competing with the ash.

Palate:  Initially lovely and rounded, honeyed even. Besides, with vanilla, perfumed smoke and coastal elements develop. Dark Peat, blossom, oily sweetness.

Finish: Smoky and long. Seaspray, dry grass, a touch of ash and citrus.

Overall: Classic stuff and the heart of the Bowmore range. Smoky, fruity, coastal, delicious.

Awards for Bowmore 12

  • Gold – Scotch Single Malt – Islay – 2013 – IWSC
  • Gold – Single Malt Scotch – to 12 Yrs – 2013 – San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • Silver Outstanding – Scotch Single Malt – Islay – 2017 – IWSC
  • Silver Outstanding – Scotch Single Malt – Islay – 2014 – IWSC

What some of our whisky enthusiast friends have said about Bowmore 12

Quote 1 “As a big fan of peated, smoky scotch whisky, I find this to be an excellent dram and value. Bowmore 12 is a fantastic way to introduce those with a shy palate to peated single malt. Overall a smooth whisky with mild smoky peat flavour. Neat is great, goes well with soda or mixed into a Rusty Nail as well. All in all, I would take this over a Glenfiddich 12 or Glenlivet 12 any day!

Quote 2 “Very enjoyable and easy drinking. To me, it feels like a bit of a cross between a sweeter Highland style and an Islay, well balanced. Would be so much better bottled a few extra percent higher. But you know what I found is a nice trick. Throw a few drops of something massive like Ardbeg Uigeadail into your glass, along with the Bowmore to make your own blend. End up with something very complex yet super drinkable.  I never tried this before, but now I love it since I came to China and knew Oak and Barley. 

Quote 3 “I’m a fan of many of the classic Islay whiskeys-in the below $150 range. Bowmore strikes me as a terrific bargain. Granted, not for the intense peat appreciator, this whiskey is balanced, flavorful, not simple-minded and eminently drinkable. I’m amazed at the harsh reviews. I’m not a novice to good whiskey. Bowmore will become standard fare.”

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1 review for Bowmore 12

  1. Rob (verified owner)

    A really nice introduction to Islay whisky, one of the first i tried and will always come back to. Nice and light on the peat balanced with a rich vanilla goodness. Love this whisky.

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