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Dewar’s 30 Years Ultra Scotch

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Category: ABV: 40%Bottle Size: 700mlBrands: DewarsDrink or Keep: Keeper


Dewar’s 30 Year Old Ne Plus is a small batch offering and is presented as the oldest-ever release from Dewar’s in its remarkable 170-year history. Each of the rare whiskies in the Ne Plus Ultra blend is aged for a minimum of 30 years in oak casks before finishing in Pedro Ximenez (“PX”) sherry casks.

The box was hand crafted by the inwk luxury packaging team, with total attention to detail and quality. The nature of this box – both in construction complexity and the combination of materials makes for a highly challenging product. As with any wooden box, the added value is immediately perceived in the weight and structure, and is a perfect pairing to the 30 Year Old age statement. Each box has some variation in the grain effect, highlighting that it is not mass produced and has age and character, much like the whisky encased within.

The luxury feel is in the simplicity and elegance of the design, the colors, and the structure. The contrast of textures, cold glossy metal, brushed effect paper, wood grain veneer and the multiple areas of laser engraving further deliver on our luxury promise. The set of plaques has been individually numbered adding to the bespoke nature of the product. With unusual combination of matte natural wood-effect veneer and gold brushed metal-effect paper wrapped solid MDF, this pack is unique right from its core.

The Nose is incredible. The air around the glass is filled with the scent of raw walnuts and thick toffee pudding. The Pedro Ximenez influence is easily recognizable in just the Nose alone. It’s dusty, like an attic, and fairly smoky in the Nose for a non-Islay variety. There’s dark chocolate candy bar as well as cocoa powder, dried figs and it’s like sticking your face into a bag of dried prunes, just sticky all over. A kola smell comes forward and near the end of my nosing a faint lemon smell, as if someone spritzed a lemon over a cocktail. This Nose is layered and rich.TASTE: First sip is creamy, mouth coating and very savory. Almost a bready savory. Second sip, everything continues to remain enjoyable. There’s a wonderful savory spice that undulates with spicy, then savory, then dried sweet flavors. Again and again layers of bran muffin, including the raisins, hearty grains covered in a sweetener that isn’t too sweet. A very savory sweet. Rich malt, black strap molasses. Going in for another sip maple syrup covered French toast, with too much cinnamon (still good though). The dustiness from the Nose carries over to the Taste a little, you can definitely Taste the age, not a bad thing, just apparent.FINISH:
The Finish is mouth watering, no dryness whatsoever. The bready, wheat filled flavor lingers, like you just bit into a piece of wholegrain bread. A very faint soft smoke lingers in the background. The spices are subdued in the Finish but very rich and not watered down. This whisky just drinks so easily.


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