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Evan Williams White Label

4.0 (1 review)

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SKU: 2020HDMA19685 Category: ABV: 50%Bottle Size: 750 mlBrands: Evan WilliamsDrink or Keep: Drinker


Evan Williams White Label from the same mash bill as Evan Williams Black Label, but distilled, aged and bottled in accordance with the Bottled-In-Bond rules. It also happens to be a good bourbon. Evan Williams definitely benefits from the higher proof and as with most BiB products, it’s a great value if you’re looking for whiskey that delivers versatility.

For decades Bonded spirits were seen as “the good stuff” because they assured consumers of a certain standard of quality which follows through today. Bonded whiskey is typically cheap and always bottled at 100 proof which makes it easy to sip but robust enough for cocktails.

Tasting Notes

Nose:  Mild cherry and honeyed sweetness with a nice subtle floral note woven through it.  Under the sweetness is a fresh, green sapling wood note that’s a bit tart, along with a touch of black pepper.

Palate:  Light caramel, toffee, and vanilla give way to tart cherries, charred oak, and black pepper.  The collage of flavors blends together well.  A bit of honey and cinnamon come through as the dram fully develops.

Finish:  While fairly short, the finish is eventful.  Cherry bubblegum lingers alongside an earthy cream corn note and a bit of peppery sour oak.  All in all, the finish is a tad rough and dry.

What some of our whisky enthusiast friends have said about Evan Williams White Label

Quote 1 “A year ago I gave Evan Williams Bottled in Bond 4/5 over here. Revisiting now after having tasted few more expensive bourbons, I must give it 5 of 5. This is absolutely one of the finest BiBs out there. It’s on a sweeter side just like Wild Turkey in a contrast to more drier, say Buffalo Trace offerings. Wow it is a fantastic sipper, pleasant bite and withstands added water just fine.”

Quote 2 “This is like the American sports car of bourbon. Not all the bells and whistles of exotic rides but good grief, performance at a fraction of the cost! Don’t need to make any excuses for this one, it stands on its own. Big corn-toffee punch with hints of citrus. Not super complex but enough to make you scratch your head on the pricing. Adding water brings out different notes which is always a good sign. Punching way above it’s weight class..

Quote 3 “Bang for your buck, ooh yeah. Smooth, quite tasty and of course . ..50% alcohol . Worth every penny”

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1 review for Evan Williams White Label

  1. Vishal (verified owner)

    Evan Williams Bottled in Bond “White Label” Bourbon
    I watched the movie, Neat: The Story of Bourbon (2018) which is where I first learnt of “Bottled in Bond”
    Basically to be labeled as bottled-in-bond or bonded, the liquor must be the product of one distillation season by one distiller at one distillery. It must have been aged in a federally bonded warehouse under U.S. government supervision for at least four years and bottled at 100 (U.S.) proof (50% alcohol by volume).

    So when this one came up on Oak and Barley I was excited to try it.

    Nose: Spicy, Rich…very inviting.
    Palate: Sweet, Vanilla, Caramel…classic bourbon.
    Finish: Long warm finish.
    Overall: Definitely worth its value for the price. Very happy I bought it.

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