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Macallan 18 Fine Oak-Old Packaging

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SKU: 2020HDMA20164 Category: ABV: 43%Bottle Size: 700mlBrands: MacallanDrink or Keep: Keeper


Macallan 18 Fine Oak is an 18 year old single malt, joining Macallan’s Fine Oak range. The series shows off a deft balance between juicy Sherried notes and vanilla or citrus rich bourbon oak elements.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet and honeyed, with moderately complex sugars. Dark-skinned and red fruits notes, such as plums and raspberry come to mind especially. Very bright tasting, not heavy on the sherry notes (i.e., no figs or jammy notes). Coconut and lemon citrus. A bit earthy, with some anise and cocoa.

Palate: Very balanced fruit with caramel and golden sugar joining the honey. More orange rind now, rather than lemon. Besides, with vanilla, nutmeg, milk chocolate, ginger and some pepper hints. A bit of raw ethanol sting, but otherwise a somewhat buttery texture. Some tartness comes in after the swallow.

Finish:‎ Medium length. Golden brown sugar lasts the longest, along with a toffee stickiness. A fair amount of astringency too, likely from the oak. A bit bitter. To be honest, I kind of hoped for more here.

What some of our whisky loving friends have said about Macallan 18 Fine Oak

Quote 1 “Macallan fine oak 18(and 17 as well) are wonderfully complex. I find myself enjoying their complexity of multiple caskings. At first they seem mild compared to the standard sherry oak. However, they are not heavy sherry whisky so it isn’t fair to compare them to 100% sherry caskings. Yet when studied by themselves they are amazing.”

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