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Wild Turkey 13 – OUT OF STOCK

4.5 (2 reviews)

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SKU: 2020HDMA19433 Category: ABV: 45.5%Bottle Size: 700mlBrands: Wild TurkeyDrink or Keep: Drinker


A rarely-seen bottle of Wild Turkey 13. Bottled at 13 years of age and labelled ‘Distiller’s Reserve’.  You can’t get your mittens on this in the USA.  It was an export only product, released in very small numbers.  Only one online retailer had this in the UK, and it was the wrong side of £100 a bottle.

Bourbon enthusiasts will know, age statement bourbons are either as rare as rocking horse sh*t, or they cost about the same as a deposit on a new car.  Demand for quality bourbon outstripped supply many years ago, forcing all the producers to move to NAS lineups all round.

If you’re going to buy just one bourbon in your lifetime, then Wild Turkey 13 really is the bottle you need.  It doesn’t just beat any other bourbon under ¥1000 a bottle – it smashes it out of the ball park.  Yeah, there are bigger names, and lets be fair, we all probably associate “Wild Turkey” with words like “average” and “okay” – but this is Wild Turkey like you’ve never tasted before.  The name turkey doesn’t do it any justice.  This is a prince of bourbons.  A king even.  A turkey, it isn’t and never will be.

2 reviews for Wild Turkey 13 – OUT OF STOCK

  1. Lucas D

    Ok, quick notes on this one

    The nose is great. It’s got a lovely spicy fruitiness to it. Like baked apples and stripper titties.

    In the mouth its more fruity, pears maybe, and oak and spice for days.

    Long rich finish. The spicy oak lingers. It’s all smoothness except for the spices which keep tingling through.

    Oh yes. I’m glad I have more of this one.

  2. dannylyons1000

    This is probably the minimum standard bourbon that one should expect.
    It has a dark coppery colour, and has a nice aggressive bite also the pallet, with the standard vanilla and caramel taste, leaving a slightly rough aftertaste as a finish.
    I have given a mark of four stars, which is composed of three out of five stars for absolute quality, and five out of five stars for value.
    Certainly, at this price, it is a highly favourable product when compared to the likes of JD, JB and MM bourbons. In terms of quality it is slightly superior to all three.

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