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Glenfiddich The Original 1963

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SKU: 2020HDMA20090 Categories: , Brands: GlenfiddichABV: 46.5%Bottle Size: 700mlDrink or Keep: Keeper


Glenfiddich The Original Limited Edition – Collectible Whisky

In 1963, the whisky world changed forever.  Glenfiddich released single malt and started what became the single malt category.  Sandy Grant was the man behind this new concept with Hamish Robertson, the 4th Malt Master of Glenfiddich.

Brian Kinsman created this limited edition bottle, following the original 1963 recipe and instructions.

Glenfiddich The Original is currently available exclusively in selected outlets in the UK, Taiwan and the US.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Poached pear, oatcakes and golden malt. Oaky spice.

Palate: Vanilla, orange peels and notes of crumbly digestive biscuits.

Finish: Dry oakiness.

What some of our whisky loving friends have said about Glenfiddich The Original

Quote 1  “If you go in with the expectation of trying something game changing, you will get disappointed. However, if you consider what this whisky is trying to do, you should at least give it the benefit of the doubt.
The Original is Glenfiddich’s attempt at taking us back in time. Back when a single malt wasn’t common; back when blended whisky was ‘whisky’.  This here’s something fresh. I do stand by my praise of this malt, but the pricing is also my only real complaint, it’s a tad too steep for what it is.

All in all a pretty decent malt. Although mind the price, you should only buy this if you’re interested in trying sth interesting or want a splendid whisky for beginners.”

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